Grass, Maize and Multi-Crop Silage Inoculant and Consumables


The Quality Forage Company has looked around the globe to bring New Zealand contractors and farmers high quality and robust silage inoculant and consumables.

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Our Products

Our range of Kofasil products are designed for grass, maize, and multicrop. Achieve a better quality outcome in forage and silage production with Quality Forage.

Kofasil Lac

KOFASIL Lac for fast PH reduction and robust ensiling.

Homofermentative inoculant for improving fermentation quality in silage made from grass, leguminous plants and green cereal plants. 

Kofasil Duo

Combine KOFASIL Lac & KOSFASIL S in KOFASIL Duo to get the best of both attributes.

Improved animal performance plus protection against reheating and mould.


Whether using a forage loader, harvester or wagon, Quality Forage has the applicator solution for you. 

PA 215-Q designed for low volume variable application for Forage harvesters, applying liquid inoculant or the PA20-Q with a wider volume range in variable application for balers and forage wagons.

Grass, whole-crop or maize whatever the crop your insiling the Quality Forage company has the right water soluble solution for your needs.


Quality Forage Company has a focus for every New Zealand farmer to achieve a better quality outcome in forage and silage production. 

New Zealand's pasture based farming systems have their own unique challenges.

The Quality Forage team have robust knowledge and experience in dairy farming and animal nutrition. We have a common passion to help all farmers to reduce losses in forage feeds, whilst improving production and controlling costs.

  • Dairy
  • Beef
  • Sheep
  • Deer
  • Goats
  • Equine

The Quality Forage Company has partnered with ADDCON to distribute the KOFASIL range of biological silage inoculant's with bacteria sourced from the very crops you're insiling. This enhances, compliments and sustains a quality forage outcome.


We are proud to partner with a number of companies both world and nation wide. At Quality Forage we aim to source the best products for your forage and silage production. 


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