Homofermentative inoculant for improving

fermentation quality in silage made from grass,
leguminous plants and green cereal plants 

Rapid pH reduction for better quality silage and enhanced performance

KOFASIL LAC is an inoculant containing two homofermentative strains of the lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus plantarum). These have been specially isolated from silage for use as a silage inoculant and have not been genetically modified.

The use of Kofasil Lac results in an intensive lactic acid formation which drops the pH value quickly and significantly in silage crops (e.g. grass and legume plants). This inhibits the development of undesirable and harmful bacteria such as clostridia and reduces Dry Matter (DM) losses.

Treating forage crops with Kofasil Lac results in high energy, nutrient rich, silage that is perfectly hygienic and is ideal for feeding to high performance cattle.

  • contains osmotolerant lactic acid bacteria with fast growth rate
  • improves fermentation quality and minimises DM losses during ensiling
  • increases DM intake and milk yield
  • improves profitability of cattle production

Range of application

KOFASIL LAC is particularly suitable for improving the fermentation quality of silage made of grass, legumes or their mixtures and green cereal plants.


Lactobacillus plantarum DSM 3676 Lactobacillus plantarum DSM 3677 (min. 1x10^11 CFU/g)

Application rate:

1 g/t forage

Inoculation density:

min. 100.000 lactic acid bacteria/g forage

Shelf Life

The product can be stored for 6 month from the date of manufacture if stored in sealed original aluminium bags at room temperature (max. 20 °C) for 1 year in the fridge and for 2 years in frost (-18 °C).Product dissolved in water must be used within 48 hours.

Classification according to EU feed additive legislation:

The bacterial strains used in KOFASIL LAC have been authorised according to the commission implementing regulation (EU) No 1119/2012 of 29. November 2012 in the category technological additives, functional group silage additives for all animal species. They have been assigned the identification numbers 1k20731 and 1k20732, respectively.

Quality Assurance


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