PA20-Q Forage Treatment Applicator

The Fertaflow PA20-Q system is specifically designed for low volume application of liquid preservative products on to hay and forage where maximum coverage is essential. Capable of accurately delivering inoculants and treatment products evenly on to forage at flows from 48-200mL/min.

The PA20-Q systems utilises a peristaltic pump operating at low pressure ensuring constant flow and gentle handling of inoculants. Dispensing on to the forage is via a directed air stream that enables even spread and the liquid is dropletised rather than atomised to avoid wastage from spray drift. This system is able to pass small particles easily without blocking.

The pump is manually turned on and the flow rate adjusted from 30-100% with the in-cab controller. Automatic switching is enabled by configuring the relay contacts at the pump. The pump operation (start/ stop) is visible to the operator as a flashing indicator light on the cab- controller. An LED light is mounted at the tank for checking product levels in the dark hours.

3 and 4 roller pump head options are available to achieve max flow rates of 200mL and 160ml/min.

With its compact vertical mounting and 10L tank capacity, it is able to fit easily on to balers and harvesters. The aluminium tank frame and robust construction ensure a long service life. This simple-to-operate design coupled with the air flow nozzle give a hassle free harvest experience with less blockages while including the features that matter.

For servicing, please contact Ascot Pumps. 

Technical Specifications

Voltage Input - 12 Vdc Battery supply

Voltage Output - 2.0 - 5.5Vdc
Regulated to pump 12 Vdc to blower

Amp Draw - 5.5 Amp max

Operating Pressure - 7.5 Psi

Min Flow - 48 mL/min (4 roller)

Min Flow - 60 mL/min (3 roller)

Max Flow - 160 mL/min (4 roller)

Max Flow - 200 mL/min (3 roller)

Tube Materials - Santoprene (replaceable pump head)

Spray - Droplets/constant air stream

Nozzle - SS low volume air flow nozzle 


  • Unique non-blocking design
  • Heavy duty stainless construction
  • Quick disconnect
  • 3.5m delivery hose 


  • Simple operation
  • 30-100% flow range
  • Disconnectable power inlet & outlet
  • Tough ABS casing
  • Auto Run LED indicator 

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