The PA200 Series liquid application system is specifically designed for low volume application of liquid preservative products on to hay and forage where maximum coverage is essential. The PA200 system uses a peristaltic pump operating at a very low pressure ensuring constant flow and gentle handling of inoculants. This system is able to pass small particles easily without blocking.

Produced for high capacity baling requirements. The PA215 has a max flow of 155mL/min, the PA230 has a max flow of 345mL/min. The application rate is adjustable with the in-cab controller to produce a flow ranges of up to 33% - 100% (of max. flow) to accurately match the forage processing rate.
Systems can be ordered with either the standard PA200 option or the PA200X which has electronic flow recording and display inbuilt. Power and communication connections are wired through a single IP rated connector and come standard with a 9.5m cable (2m + 7.5m) All the controllers are interchangeable across multiple applicators.

Key Features

  • Fully regulated voltage control to eliminate supply fluctuations
  • Easy adjustable flow rate control with non-stall minimum setting
  • Visual Flow Stoppage Alarm to alert operator of empty product drum, blockage or pump tube failure. 

Additional Features

  • EFM (Electronic Flow Meter) display to show current flow rate in mLs and total product used, recorded accurate to 0.1 Litres
  • Pump operation indicator LED (shows pump/baler operation)
  • Additional audible Flow Stoppage Alarm beeper
  • Easy to use, EFM calibration system on-board the applicator with separate pump over-ride switch.

Technical Specifications

Voltage Input - 12Vdc Battery supply

Voltage Output - 5.0 - 12.0Vdc Regulated Output

Amp Draw - 5.0 Amp max

Wetted Materials - PP/SS/PE/PVC/Tygon

Pump Type - Peristaltic

Applicator Dimens. - 500H x 430W x 200D (mm) (excludes outlet hosing and snorkel) 


  • Simple operation
  • Disconnectable power inlet and outlet
  • Audible and visual flow stoppage alarm
  • Tough ABS casing
  • Adjustable aluminium bracket
  • Pump running indicator*
  • Flow and total metering display* 


  • Industrial duty peristaltic pump made in the USA
  • Long life easy change tube
  • DIY on-board calibration*
  • 1⁄2 hour to calibrate*
  • High accuracy non intrusive metering*
  • Pump over-ride switch for easy calibration and pump tube change*

10L Suction

  • Non drip quick disconnecter and dust cap 

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